We’ve just had a closing on the sale of our family cottage in Port Franks and let me tell you this was not an easy journey but we were so lucky to have Mark Pedlar as our broker!
Mark is uniquely qualified to handle properties in Port Franks. He knows the area like the back of his hand and was able to come up with the best supported home valuation. That proper home valuation is the key. It showed respect for our property and us the owners. Mark helped us stay focused on our target audience and not get discouraged by occasional passersby
This strategy totally paid off with the right buyers willing to pay full price within 2 months of listing in a completely off season market. We loved our cottage and we’re going to miss it but it is such an incredibly satisfying feeling when you know it was sold at the best market price and Mark was just the right person to make it happen. Greatly appreciate The Pedlar Teams efforts.

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